The Universe tells us that happiness is…


Well, today’s quiz out of the blue!

Imagine the happy life you think you are living.

◆Lives in a large house
◆I buy what I like as much as I like
◆Marry the person you love the most
◆Travel a lot and live a carefree life.

I am sure there are many different answers.
Although we call it a quiz, there are no correct answers.
You are free to think of whatever comes to mind.

We are designed to think of “happiness” in comparison to our real life, our real “now”.

In other words, it is “greed” and the desire to “wish it were more like this” because the present is not fulfilled.

However, the God of the universe thinks of happiness a little differently.

The God of the Universe thinks happiness is
The state of being contented.
It is.

According to the laws of the universe, “what is equal to the state of mind is what happens in reality.
In other words, when the mind is fulfilled, the future reality will also become “fulfilled.

As the heart continues to be filled, abundance will continue to flow in.
As our hearts continue to be full, we are loved more and more.
When the heart continues to be full, more and more desires are attracted.

Some people think happiness = money.
Some people think happiness = gratitude.
There are many kinds of happiness.
From a practical point of view, happiness may be in terms of “things” or “form.

However, the God of the Universe thinks happiness is “the state of being content in one’s heart.

How do we change our perspective and what do we do to make our hearts content?
is the necessary action to become happy.

Be grateful for the present moment.
Do what you love and enjoy it with all your heart.
Choose to live in a way that makes you happy as much as possible.

The accumulation of these actions will lead to happiness.

You can be happy from this very moment.
If you can satisfy your heart, if you can be satisfied with the reality of “now,” you can be happy from this moment.

We are happy not because we have a happy reality, but because we have a heart that feels happy.

In this blog, Sayami, a spiritual counselor, shares how to live a truly happy life. You will find that the happiness you desire is right in front of you if you change your perspective just a little.

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