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Sayami receives a message from your guardian angel

My name is Sayami, and I am a fortune teller, spiritual messenger, and healer.

I have studied the laws of the universe, equations, and the laws of nature, and I share my original “Law of 21 Days” with you. I have also had a strong psychic sense since childhood and can hear messages from your guardian angels. Guardian angels always give us messages and guide us on the path to be truly happy. If you listen to their voices, you can connect with the God of the universe and live the path to happiness right now.

I have felt invisible energies and conversed with the invisible ones since I was very young. By the time I entered elementary school, such dialogue had ceased, but somehow I always felt as if I was protected by something.

It was in the sixth grade that I first started to receive clear messages in my memory. It was when I was studying for the junior high school entrance exam. It was just summer vacation and my grades were not improving. As I was wondering, “What should I do?” I heard a man’s voice saying, “Studying is the joy of discovery.” At first I was surprised, but at the same time I naturally accepted this voice. Thinking about it now, it was the voice of Archangel Michael. I remember feeling relieved by the warm, enveloping voice.

In the process of growing up, for a while I lived a life far removed from fortune-telling and spirituality, but in my early twenties, I became clearly aware of my ability to receive messages. It was not until I was 30 years old that I came to understand that signs have meaning, that there are rules and clear equations in the universe and in nature, and that if you live by these laws, you will naturally get what you want. I also learned that happiness was easily available to me by making good use of the equation. For a while after that, I studied and researched to understand that law, and at the age of 35, I started my own business.


Receiving messages from guardian angels, study of the laws of the universe

What can you know?

”What do you know about the laws of the universe and the laws of nature!”

You may hear such a voice.

Human beings live in a “world of emotions. Everything is created by emotions, and the way we use emotions is our destiny and fate. This is systematically summarized in the Laws of the Universe. In other words, it is a way of life and philosophy of happiness.

There are also rules for the use of emotions. It is decided what kind of emotion to use and what will happen in your life. Whatever happens in your life is the result of the emotions you have used. The laws of nature summarize what happens depending on how you use those emotions.

The way we use our emotions determines what happens in our lives, but it also determines what diseases and conditions will appear in our bodies. The laws of nature tell us that as well.

I am the only one in the world of divination who continues to study and pass this on. And after further research, I established the “Law of 21 Days” last year. Everything can be resolved in 21 days, miracles can happen in 21 days, and everything will change to happiness in 21 days. The way you spend those 21 days is the key to everything.

My Experience

I have lived for almost 50 years and experienced so many things. Some experiences are so painful that it is hard to put them into words. There are things that I still can’t digest and can’t share with you. I feel ashamed of my job as a spiritual messenger and healer, but I believe that by facing your problems, I myself will be purified inside my heart.

When I was 20 years old, the bubble burst. My father was self-employed, but after the bubble burst, his business went downhill. In just a few years, my father was in debt for over 100 million yen.

However, my father’s diabetes had worsened and he was already unable to work, so my mother and I had to repay the more than 100 million yen in debt that he had created.

While we were in the middle of various processes to repay the debt, we realized that my father had a mistress. As a result, my parents divorced, but it took 10 years to pay off the debt.

My father became diabetic, had dialysis, and difficulty walking, and I ended up taking care of him in the end.

Although my parents were divorced, we took care of him at the end of his life after several years of caring for him as a family. This period of time was 19 years.

As a result, I was not able to marry someone with whom I was truly connected by soul from a previous life. About 20 years ago, I met my soul mate, my current husband. Instantly, I thought, “This is the man!” I was inspired and immediately fell in love.

He is not Japanese, he is long distance and speaks a different language. We spoke in English, which is not our native language, and it was difficult to communicate with each other, but somehow we always felt the same way, had the same values, and could believe that we were communicating with each other. However, due to family reasons, I could not easily travel to the country where he lived, and we became separated.

When my life had come to an end in every sense of the word, just after the 3.11 disaster, he contacted me through social networking services after 10 years, and it seemed he had found me on social networking services. However, at the time, we were still in the process of settling down with family matters. We ended up talking only through messenger and another few years passed.

When we finally reconnected, he was, of course, married and had children.

But the day we met again, we understood that we could not forget each other and that we were destined to be together. It turned out to be the way we did not want it = adultery, but after a year of dating, we promised to have a soul marriage after the prescribed procedure and period of time once his children were grown, and finally that day came and we were able to get married spiritually and legally.

Many unforeseen circumstances arise in life. From one perspective, reality, it may seem like a very painful event.

But from a spiritual perspective, it all makes sense. Without going through the stages of caring for my father and paying off a lot of debt, and my husband raising our children, there would have been no meaning to our union with each other. If we had become a couple when we were younger, I might not have loved him as much as I do now, and we might not have trusted each other. By believing that everything has meaning, that nothing is meaningless, and that everything happens to lead to a positive reality, we can attract a happy reality, even if it takes a long time.

I have learned a lot since I started working in the spiritual world as my day job.

Psychology, philosophy, law of attraction, laws of the universe, quantum mechanics, brain science.

Marie Kondo’s “The Magic of Tidying Up”, Hideko Yamashita’s “Renunciation”, Jinnosuke Shinya’s psychology, Mr. and Mrs. Hicks’ “Abraham, Law of Attraction”, Amie Okudaira’s practice of attraction, Doreen Virtue’s angel therapy, Tenpu Nakamura’s philosophy, Champion K. Toche And so on. I have read and studied all kinds of related books. What I can say about all of them is that their fundamental ideas are all consistently the same, but their methods and approaches are different. The fundamentals of the laws of the universe and the laws of nature are all the same, without any change. That is to say, it shows that none of the rules of the universe or the natural world change and are absolute.

In other words, the way to be happy is to follow the laws of the universe. You have to use the equations of the universe to your advantage.

I tell you that all the things I hear, all the inspirations, are given to me by my guardian angels. Some fortune tellers refer to it in various ways, such as ancestors or guardian deities. But to be clear, it is just a difference in terminology. (To be clear, guardian angels and guardian spirits are different, but they are the same in the sense that they watch over us.)

Spirituality may seem to be a mysterious and fascinating world, but I believe it is actually a more realistic, practical, theoretical, and rational world. There is nothing mysterious about it. The reason we think it is mysterious is because we have a stubbornness in our hearts and minds that can only accept what we cannot see.

But once we enter the world of the laws of the universe, the law of attraction, or philosophy, and try to live according to them, what we used to think was strange will seem natural. And you know, without blaming anyone else, that the cause of everything is you. As long as you know the equations of the universe, you will not fall into negativity.

Through my style of fortune-telling, I would like to help everyone to walk the path to happiness, the life they want and the life they have envisioned by themselves by giving them more realistic and theoretical rules and equations of the universe and the natural world while facing your problems.

Message from Sayami

I have been active for about 15 years.

Since I was very young, I have had a guardian angel watching over each of you, and by receiving their messages, I deliver the messages you need now. Messages are received as print, words, or signs.

A guardian angel is always there for everyone, watching over them to make them happy.

No matter what the problem or concern, the angel knows how to make you happy and sends you messages that are sometimes harsh and sometimes kind.

Love, life, money, work. There are many genres of problems; when one goes wrong, everything can get out of balance.

Can we just put away the fact that things don’t work out for everything…because it’s fate? It is not something that can be dismissed as inevitable because it is such a time.

I have studied the laws of the universe and have found that there is always a fundamental blocking factor when a person’s life is not going well.

If you know the block (cause) and can improve it, you can get what you want, no matter how depressing your destiny may be at the time. In my appraisal, I will examine the block (cause) and help you to improve it from the root.

In addition, I also share with you my original approach, the “Law of 21 Days. Things are all attracted in 21 days. The key is how to spend these 21 days.

Even if things improve temporarily through spells and magic, true happiness cannot be obtained if things have not fundamentally changed. By knowing the root cause and taking steps to improve it, you will be able to obtain true happiness. And I will give you a wholehearted appraisal so that you will be able to obtain true happiness as soon as possible.

From my own experience of love, I believe that no matter what kind of love you are in, as long as your heart is not pointing in the wrong direction, you will be able to properly go to the place where you should be, where your soul should be placed.

How to live a happy life