Why can’t you attract them even though you are working hard on the Law of Attraction?

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If you decided to read this article, you probably clicked on it because you were attracted by the title. In other words, it must be because you feel that you are not attracted to it.

The Law of Attraction is already well known to many people around the world. It is even introduced as the “吸引力法則” on the website of a Hong Kong blogger I often read. Many people around the world are expecting their desires to come true.

However, some people do not attract anything they desire at all, even though they have studied and worked hard to learn the Law of Attraction, which is known by so many people. On the other hand, there are those who attract too easily.

What is the difference?

Those who attract easily are rather a minority, and to those who attract nothing at all, they would appear to be “special people”. But in fact, they are not. The universe is equal, and everyone has the power to attract on the same terms. The only difference is whether or not you are able to demonstrate it.

An important process for attracting wishes

  1. First, clarify your desires and wishes. In words that are easy for you to understand, clarify the “goal” that you are aiming for.
  2. Write it down in a notebook or notebook. Write it in a style you believe in, in words you believe in. It is better to write it down in something you will see as often as possible.
  3. Finally, believe in it firmly. Imagine that you have it and thank it with the words “thank you. The more you believe it, the faster it will become a reality.

Why Your Wishes Don’t Attract: 3 Factors

1.What you are thinking is too negative, or too negatively worded.

To be clear, some of the people who say that the Law of Attraction does not “attract” are lazy people. They are trying to be happy or rich or successful by attracting easily.

The Law of Attraction is not a tool. It is not a magic wand. It is a law, a rule that we must learn to live by.

If a person simply makes a light-hearted “wish” and does not have the love, the dedication, the passion to get it no matter what, to achieve his or her goal, then he or she will not be attracted to it because his or her heart does not believe that it will come true. If the person who chanted the “wish” forgets about it and it disappears in an instant, it cannot be said that there is passion. In other words, you can only attract what you truly desire, from the bottom of your heart.

In the Law of Attraction, the most important thing is to believe. This is the first step.

For example, let’s say you have a wish to be rich. But having that wish means that for a long time you have been holding on to the negative idea that you don’t have money. Therefore, it is hard to believe that you can attract money and abundance simply by picturing your wish in your mind. Years of habits of mind will do that.

This means that we keep sending negative signals to the God of the universe, and what we end up attracting is the reality of “no money.

What you desire will come true, so cultivate the ability to believe in it. Never say or note negative words. Of course, you should also eliminate negative words from your mind. Your desires will come true. Only the true desire in your heart will come true.

2.If you are not grateful, the Law of Attraction does not work!

Many people who do not attract what they want complain. They don’t believe in the Law of Attraction because they don’t believe in it. But it is because they don’t believe that they don’t attract, and it is because they complain that they don’t attract, as if it were a problem with the God of the universe, that they don’t attract more.

People are wonderful just by being alive. Just breathing and breathing is valuable. If we can appreciate that in itself, we will naturally attract what we desire. You will not attract it right now. There is an appropriate timing for everything. But always attract at the most appropriate time.

If we continue to be grateful while we wait to attract, the timing will quicken.

When you attract what you want, you will be many times more grateful than usual. If you are grateful with the same intensity of energy that you normally use, the attraction will begin to occur with even greater acceleration and intensity.

3.Expectations are too high.

You will notice that there are plenty of books about the Law of Attraction in bookstores. They tell you how easy it is to attract people. Those who read them will have high hopes for the words “easy to attract.

The energy of expectation is not a bad thing. It is a positive and powerful energy. But sometimes it can become an obsession, a request. Expecting too much creates attachment, which turns into great disappointment in the unlikely event that the expectation does not materialize. We then lose our sense of gratitude or deny the Law of Attraction itself.

Attachment also creates feelings of anxiety. It is the feelings of attachment caused by expecting too much that trigger these feelings of wondering when you will attract what you want, or when you will really attract it. Feelings of anxiety mean that you do not believe in the laws of the universe and only see the conflict in your own mind.

Expectations do not help you attract what you want. You can have expectations, but they will only happen if you have complete faith in the existence of the universe and the law of attraction. If you have perfect faith that you will indeed attract what you want and that it will happen, then all you have to do is wait for the right moment with a good mood or a peaceful mind.

The more anxious you feel by expecting too much, the less likely your wish will come true. The universe is like a flowing river. Just let nature take its course and you will get there. Attachment and anxiety block the flow of the river.


Why does the Law of the Universe encourage positive living and positive thinking? It is because it is what you need to do to live the life you want or even more than you want.

To believe perfectly in the world of the universe, the laws of the universe, and the law of attraction, to be grateful for the valuable being that you are, and to simply be positive. Only then will your life become richer and you will be surrounded by so much love.

The Law of Attraction is not magic. It is a law for people to live a happy life. It is a rule. To live by it, everything starts with believing in it, and the process requires gratitude.

Just believe. That’s all you need to do. As long as you are clear about what you want, all you have to do is believe. The universe is a perfect, beautiful world. It will respond to your faith.

In this blog, Sayami, a spiritual counselor, shares how to live a truly happy life. You will find that the happiness you desire is right in front of you if you change your perspective just a little.

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