Is it wise for a woman to be jealous and show it in her attitude? Or is a woman who stays put and endures wise?


There is a very beautiful woman. Everyone thought she was beautiful, and many people courted her when she was young. So many people thought that the word “jealous” was not as appropriate as she was, and no one around her ever thought that she was a jealous woman.

Let’s say this woman is Ms. A.
Ms. A married a very nice rich man. He had a lot of assets and deposits, and when he proposed to her, he wooed her by saying, “I will give you my entire fortune. So he told her that she was attractive enough to offer him his entire fortune and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Ms. A fell in love with him, not with his wealth, but with pure feelings and really wanted to marry him. They then became husband and wife.

Ms. A after marriage

After the marriage, Ms. A felt very happy.

One day, however, she saw a photo stored on his phone. The pictures were of him going to an exclusive club and having drinks with glittering ladies.

He owned a company, so he would sometimes go to exclusive clubs to entertain his clients. But that was all. He had nothing to hide from her except that he drank alcohol at exclusive clubs, but he did not want to cause unnecessary worry to his wife, so he only told her that he was “entertaining” her, but did not tell her at what kind of places he “entertained” her.

She was furious with him and accused him of not telling her why he did not tell her properly and why he took pictures with the women.

But essentially, he is not to blame. Entertaining business partners is part of the job. It is just one picture that someone happened to take in the course of that.

She ran away from home because of this incident. But her husband, he, liked her so much that he convinced her and restored their marriage.

He was very surprised that she was so jealous. This was because before their marriage, she had been courted by many people and she had a beauty that everyone, men and women alike, recognized. Even after their marriage, her beauty never changed, and she always maintained her beauty without giving off the air of a household.

That is why he was surprised that she was so jealous. After this, he never took pictures with women. He never acted in a way that she could misunderstand him, and she never became jealous after that.

Of course, he made arrangements to leave his property to her, and her future life was secure.

This is one episode.

If only Ms. A were more patient…

What if this Ms. A had been a patient person?

I would have seen pictures of him enjoying himself with the ladies at the exclusive club, quietly saved them to my own phone, held still, and waited for the right moment.

Perhaps he went to the exclusive clubs for entertainment without telling her at first so as not to worry his wife, but eventually he found a woman he liked and began to secretly socialize with her.

As he persevered patiently, what should have started out as a real job turned into a serious love affair before he knew it. That is a possibility.

If Ms. A had endured patiently, perhaps they would have ended up divorcing as a result. However, in the case of this episode, the husband would have had no money problems because of his assets and property.

What we want to convey in this episode

What Sayami would like to convey through this episode is that “Strike while the iron is hot.

I don’t think that being jealous is good, but like Ms. A, you need to clearly tell your partner when you have a bad feeling or feel uncomfortable. If the partner does not accept that, it is difficult to say that their future will be bright.

However, if your partner is the one who accepts it correctly, he or she will understand your partner’s jealousy and change his or her behavior and thinking. They will make an effort to be skillful and creative and not make the other person jealous.

If you put up with too much, it will build up like a magma and eventually explode. In this episode, it leads to the divorce of Mr. and Mrs. A.

It depends on your partner’s personality and the degree of jealousy, but the worst thing you can do is to be “patient.

There was a time when “patience” was spoken of as a virtue. However, patience causes great stress on the mind, makes us think about things we don’t need to think about, expands our imagination, and sometimes creates a negative imaginary world on its own.

According to the laws of the universe, “what is equal to the state of mind is what happens in reality. If you continue to be patient and create a negative imaginary world, you will attract a reality that is equal to it.

The best way to deal with anxiety and fear is not to hold it in, but to resolve it as soon as possible by discussing it with your partner!

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