How do I get my husband to love me forever?


You would think that once you’re married, you’d be a loving couple forever, wouldn’t you?
And I’d like to be a lovey-dovey couple.

But, you know…it doesn’t quite work out that way.
It is said that a couple can only stay together for a maximum of three years, and many people say that after 10 years, they become roommates, so the idea that a couple can love each other forever is a myth.

Of course, there are some couples who do not, but 80% of couples change from lovers to married couples to family members.
So, what should we do to love each other forever?

This article is for those who want to improve their relationship with their masters from the wife’s point of view.

Changing the rate of emotion

When a child is born, many wives feel that they are 90% child and 10% husband. This means that they love their children that much, and there is nothing wrong with that, but it also makes the husband feel a little lonely.

In order for you and your wife to stay on good terms with each other, even if you have a child, your feelings should be 90% for the husband and 10% for the child.

Life is always connected. They are connected in a string of beads.
The children would not exist without both mother and father. So it is the father = master that is important, not the child.

Children are a handful when they are small, and you want to give them lots of love, that is natural. But if you give 100 love to your children, you should give 10 times that to your husband.

That will lead to your children’s respect for their father. When children respect their fathers, they will be recognized at school and in society when they start working, and their grades will improve when they respect their fathers. When children respect their fathers, they get better grades because they get more praise. When they are satisfied with their studies, they are more likely to do them on their own initiative, and because they feel the joy of learning, they excel in their studies.

If the house is set up with the master at the center, the master will continue to love his wife until his death. There will be no other eyes.

And, he will also cherish the time for himself.
If you are happy, you will be able to look at the master correctly.
If you are happy, your children will be happy too.

Marital harmony makes a couple wealthy.

Family harmony will be established, balance will be achieved, and the entire family will be able to receive energy from the universe.

The basis of family energy is the harmony of the couple.
As long as the couple is looking in the same direction and respecting each other, the harmony of the couple will be established.

The laws of the universe include the law of balance.
The laws of the universe include the law of balance: inside and outside, north and south, right and left, and so on. Everything is in balance.

When the master is respected by his family and feels comfortable in his home, he will be recognized more and more in society, rise in the ranks, and become successful. Naturally, his salary will also increase.

How much respect do you think your master and father have in the house? And how comfortable he is and how good he feels in the house.
By creating such a situation and environment, the master will not cheat on you and you will rise in the world. He will always turn his warm love toward you.
Because he is comfortable in the house. He will always feel good in the house, and he will also want to go home immediately.

So the couple will be happy all the time. Because they are happy, they get ahead. So the economy grows richer without a ceiling.

What should I do?

So what exactly should we do?
There are many ways to do this.
We will write a brief description, so you can arrange it according to your own family environment.

1. kiss her every day to say “go” and “come”.
2. every night (when the master eats dinner), make the master’s favorite food as much as possible.
3. Say “thank you” every day. Say thank you 20 times every day.
4. Do not argue with whatever the master says.
5. Keep the house as clean and neat as possible.

These are just a few.
If you think about it, you can come up with any number of things that would make your master feel good.

The wife is doing her best. But this time, I wrote this article looking at the master from the wife’s point of view, so what should the wife do for the master. If you do these things, the master will change on his own. Because he will feel good, he will express his love to you in a really natural way.

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