If you really want to be happy, don’t compare yourself to those around you!


Do you really wish to be happy?

If you truly want to be happy, never compare yourself to those around you.

If you compare yourself with those around you, the following changes in your mind will occur.

  1. Feelings of jealousy
  2. Feelings of obsession
  3. Oh, my God! Feelings of low self-worth, such as

We will tell you what you can do to prevent these feelings from arising.

Feelings of jealousy

We see other people happy and spending a lot of money. Some people may feel jealousy when they see these people happy and spending a lot of money. Many people feel jealousy toward those who do not have what they have. It is a natural human emotion.

Jealousy itself is not a bad thing. If used well, jealousy can be transformed into a power to work hard and grow oneself. On the other hand, if it is used negatively, it only makes us jealous of the other person and prevents us from focusing on our own growth and our own true desires.

According to the laws of the universe, “what is equal to the state of mind is what happens in reality. If you fill yourself with negative jealousy, it will be difficult to attract what you want in your future reality.

Feelings of Attachment

When feelings of jealousy become strong, or when we compare ourselves to others and focus on what we don’t have, this is where feelings of attachment also come in.

In other words, the feeling of “I absolutely have to make that happen.

But God’s plan is perfect. He intends to attract more than you want. But if you cling to the idea that “it has to be this,” you will have a hard time attracting a future that is more wonderful than you can imagine.

The feeling of self-worth reduction

The next lawn is blue. It is always blue. So, inevitably, when we compare ourselves with others, we develop feelings of self-deprecation.

  • I’ll never be rich anyway.
  • I’ll never be happy anyway.
  • I can’t have those brand-name products anyway.

You will start to feel that way.

However, according to the laws of the universe, “what is equal to the state of mind is what happens in reality. Therefore, “Who am I? “I’m just…” When the feeling of “I don’t know…” becomes strong, you will attract the same reality as that feeling into your future reality.

How can I avoid negative feelings?

So what can we do to prevent these negative feelings from arising?

It is to not look at others. Separate yourself from others and yourself from somewhere else.

Think that other people have achieved such a happy life because the emotions they are using are always positive. Then use that as encouragement to reevaluate your own emotions and look at how you can always strive to feel good.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to ask that happy person how they are using their emotions and how they are striving to do so.

Only what is equal to your emotions always happens. So always strive to be in a good mood and have fun.


In this blog, Sayami, a spiritual counselor, shares how to live a truly happy life. You will find that the happiness you desire is right in front of you if you change your perspective just a little.

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